Products & Services

A comprehensive array of services, reports, tools and strategic consultation to help you become a better-informed energy buyer and user.

Energy Procurement

The independent expert on energy procurement in the healthcare industry.

Strategic Advisory

Access valuable resources that allow informed decisions on energy-related products and services.

Technical Consulting

Quantify supply-side and demand-side energy cost savings opportunities.

Renewable Energy

Unparalleled expertise in renewable energy resources and cogeneration.


Welcome to Ecom-Energy, Inc.

Your Independent Energy Experts

Ecom-Energy, Inc. (Ecom-Energy) is an independent provider of advisory services and procurement solutions to assist healthcare, commercial and industrial customers in making cost-effective energy decisions. We offer unbiased information, management tools and advice to energy buyers and managers – serving as a one-stop solution source for all types of energy challenges.

Ecom-Energy’s Senior Management average over 25 years of experience in the energy industry, with substantial healthcare, manufacturing and industrial involvement. This experience allows us to assist our clients in addressing industry-specific energy challenges, while insuring that they receive the best contract terms available in the market.

Prepare for today’s challenges
Minimize energy budget risks
Manage future energy costs
Plan more effectively for the future
Access to independent, high-quality information
Provide unbiased analyses of energy opportunities

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