Strategic Energy Management for Healthcare Providers

Ecom-Energy provides a comprehensive array of services, reports, tools and strategic consultation to help you become a better-informed energy buyer and user – ranging from energy market intelligence to risk management analysis. Whether you require information to make your own recommendations, outside assistance with specific functions or a comprehensive strategic consulting resource, Ecom-Energy can help.Products under the four service categories are available individually or on a membership basis in the form of our EnerVisorPlus, a cost-effective subscription service designed to provide a comprehensive range of energy advisory and procurement services.

Services Include:

Procurement Services
Strategic Advisory Services
Budget Forecasts
Technical Consulting Services
Corporate Energy Strategies
Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies
Solar, Fuel Cell, Cogeneration & Distributed Generation
Owner’s Representative Services

Ecom-Energy’s National Influence:

Ecom-Energy's National Influence