Carlos E. Lopez, Sr.


Carlos Lopez, Sr. - Ecom-EnergyMr. Lopez is Ecom-Energy’s Principal. In this capacity, he is responsible for the development of the company’s products and services, and for developing and implementing long-term strategic energy plans – including energy advisory, procurement and management – as well as developing client relationships with national healthcare providers.

Prior to joining the Ecom-Energy Team, Mr. Lopez was responsible for developing and implementing integrated energy solutions for commercial, institutional and industrial clients at NORESCO, an Equitable Resources Company. His responsibilities included orchestrating energy efficiency programs, including demand-side management, performance contracting, information services and financial options.

Previously, Mr. Lopez was Manager – San Diego Region for AES New Energy. In this position, Mr. Lopez was responsible for working with clients to develop and implement energy initiatives associated with the deregulation of the electricity marketplace – including competitive direct access, distributed generation and information technology.

Mr. Lopez has worked extensively with healthcare providers and is a member of the California Society of Healthcare Engineering (CSHE), where he has given numerous presentations and seminars on the deregulation of the electricity market in California.

Carlos E. Lopez II, C.E.P., R.E.P., B.E.P.

Associate Principal

Carlos Lopez, Jr. - Ecom-EnergyMr. Lopez II is Ecom-Energy’s Associate Principal. In this role Carlos is responsible for strategic development, oversight, and execution of Ecom-Energy’s expansive products and services. Likewise, he maintains clientele relations with regular and comprehensive analyses of market trends and opportunities while aiding in the company’s energy management strategies.

Carlos is a strategic member of AEE (Association of Energy Engineers) and CSHE (California Society of Healthcare Engineers), where he earned his CEP (Certified Energy Procurement Professional), REP (Renewable Energy Professional), and BEP (Business Energy Professional) designations.

Mr. Lopez II joins Ecom-Energy after completing a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and a Minor in Biblical Studies from Barclay College in Kansas. Prior to finishing his education, Carlos II was a Case Administrator at Judicate West, one of the leading Alternative Dispute Resolution firms in California.

Ryan De La Cruz

Director of Business Development

Ryan De La Cruz - Ecom-EnergyMr. De La Cruz is Ecom-Energy’s Director of Business Development. In this position, Mr. De La Cruz is responsible for the expansion of Ecom-Energy’s products and services. Similarly, he focuses on driving market and industry insight by utilizing Ecom-Energy’s technical expertise in market trends, forecasts, and analyses. Lastly, Mr. De La Cruz manages clientele relations while offering the full suite of Ecom-Energy’s offerings.

Mr. De La Cruz joins Ecom-Energy after graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Management from California State University, Fullerton. While obtaining his degree, Mr. De La Cruz earned membership to Beta Gamma Sigma and the Golden Key International Honor Society.

Prior to joining Ecom-Energy, Mr. De La Cruz was Principal of Omega Media – a marketing firm specializing in web design and development.

Kirk Hampton

Director of Engineering

Kirk Hampton - Ecom-EnergyMr. Hampton is Ecom-Energy’s Director of Engineering. In this capacity, Kirk is responsible for the development of the company’s energy and efficiency products and services. Similarly, Mr. Hampton develops and implements energy programs and projects for corporate clientele.

Prior to joining the Ecom-Energy Team, Mr. Hampton spent 35+ years in the energy services industry selling, developing, implementing and monitoring energy services performance and retrofit contracts and projects. Positions included national, vice president, and regional management positions with Honeywell, Johnson Controls, New Energy Ventures and several other private firms.

Kirk’s industry experience also includes Honeywell’s Healthcare Unit and Energy Technology Consulting Services to large, national healthcare systems across the country. Furthermore, Kirk serves as a Certified Construction Quality Control Manager with extensive experience in the Federal Markets.

Mr. Hampton’s key areas of expertise include the identification of energy efficiency opportunities, savings calculations, retrofit engineering, contract management, energy portfolio management, project implementation/management, and monitoring and verification.

Wesley Haugen

Senior Project Manager

Wes Haugen - Ecom-EnergyMr. Haugen is Ecom-Energy’s Senior Project Manager. In this position, Mr. Haugen is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of renewable energy projects. Specializing in finance and management, Wesley manages projects from detailed feasibility studies to complete interconnection and completion, with emphasis on development, economics, design, permitting, scheduling and full installation. Mr. Haugen also provides client management and development support.

Mr. Haugen comes to Ecom-Energy with over 15 years of experience in Finance & Commercial Real Estate. During his tenure, Wesley held assorted positions responsible for asset management protection, appraisal management, financial market review, policy creation, credit worthiness assistance and was a California State Licensed Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Appraiser and member of the Appraisal Institute.

Mr. Haugen attended California State University, Fullerton earning a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration with an emphasis on Finance.

Matthew Dietz

Project Manager

Matt Dietz - Ecom-EnergyMr. Dietz is a Project Manager for Ecom-Energy. In this position, Mr. Dietz is responsible for overseeing and managing Ecom-Energy’s expansive EnerVisor Software and providing technical operational support.

Mr. Dietz comes to Ecom-Energy with over 11 years of experience in software and code development and implementation. He is a Microsoft Certified Specialist and worked as a certified teacher for Excel and data management.

Prior to joining Ecom-Energy, Mr. Dietz served as the Principal System Administrator focusing on Network Engineering, and a Program Analyst within the Tustin Unified School District. Matt attended Hope International University earning a Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies.

Tiffini Dietz

Energy Analyst

Tiffini Dietz - Ecom-EnergyMs. Dietz is Ecom-Energy’s Energy Analyst. In this role, Ms. Dietz works closely with other team members and assists in the implementation and maintenance of Ecom-Energy’s expansive EnerVisor Utility Management Software. In turn, Ms. Dietz also manages and executes diagnostic and analytical reports from EnerVisor Software.

Ms. Dietz comes to Ecom-Energy with several years’ experience in the health care industry along with an expansive IT background specializing in programing and data management.

Ms. Dietz attended Ohio Christian University graduating highest honors with a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry and Leadership. She also attended Southern New Hampshire University majoring in Creative Writing.

Alicia Pinkney

Operations Manager

Alicia Pinkney - Ecom-EnergyMrs. Pinkney is Ecom-Energy’s Operations Manager. In this role Alicia is responsible for the operational functions of the company, management, and execution of customer support and analysis tasks. Similarly, Mrs. Pinkney manages administrative and technical operations to ensure Ecom-Energy delivers the best service possible.

Prior to joining the Ecom-Energy team, Mrs. Pinkney held a long-term position as a Human Resources Coordinator for a large mortgage firm. While there, she was responsible for the development and implementation of HR management strategies, onboarding, training and development, performance management, benefits management, and employee relations policies and strategies. Likewise, Alicia also brings over 12 years of experience in customer relations.

Alicia attended California State Polytechnic University Pomona and earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Human Resources.

Emily Deems

Project Coordinator

Emily Deems - Ecom-EnergyMs. Deems is Ecom-Energy’s Operations Manager. In this role Ms. Deems is responsible for managing the administrative, economic, and technical operations of the organization. Ms. Deems also supports client care and management duties.

Ms. Deems brings project expertise to Ecom-Energy via several years’ worth of experience in the public and private sectors.

Ms. Deems joins Ecom-Energy after graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from California State University, Fullerton.

Dilip R. Limaye

Mr. Limaye is Ecom-Energy’s Senior Advisor. In this capacity, he is responsible for providing assistance to clients in the assessment of energy management, asset monetization and on-site generation.

Mr. Limaye was formerly President of SRC International (SRCI), a worldwide research and consulting firm specializing in efficient management and utilization of electricity, gas and other natural resources. In this position, Mr. Limaye directed a number of pioneering projects related to energy efficiency, demand-side management (DSM), on-site generation and cogeneration, energy service companies (ESCOs) and integrated resource planning (IRP).

Mr. Limaye was also the Founder and President of the International Energy Services Company (INTESCO), the first multinational ESCO. He guided INTESCO’s activities in Asia, Eastern Europe and Australia for 4 years. He has provided consulting services and technical assistance related to business strategies, financial plans, start-up and operation to 12 utility affiliated ESCOs in the U.S., Canada and Sweden.

Mr. Limaye is recognized internationally as one of the pioneers of energy efficiency, cogeneration and demand-side management (DSM). He has developed some of the concepts and techniques of DSM and has applied them to over 100 projects in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia. He has also conducted pioneering work on the subject of deregulation and restructuring of energy industries. He was the Project Manager of the International Energy Agency’s comparative assessment of restructuring models in 15 different countries.

Mr. Limaye has conducted significant work related to technology, economics and financing of on-site generation and cogeneration projects. He has provided technical assistance to commercial and industrial energy users, utilities, government agencies, equipment manufacturers and developers on the design, implementation and operation of cogeneration systems, and has conducted over 30 training programs on technical, economic, financial and operational issues related to cogeneration.

Mr. Limaye has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the International Cogeneration Society and was a member of the Board and the Certification Panel of the Cogeneration Institute of the Association of Energy Engineers. He has co-authored six books, including two books on cogeneration and two on energy efficiency and load management.

Mr. Limaye was valedictorian at The I.I.T. Bombay, where he was awarded the President of India Gold Medal. He has completed his Master of Science Degree in Engineering from Cornell University. He has completed his Ph.D coursework and candidacy at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, and has also conducted graduate studies in Energy Conservation and Alternative Energy at Drexel University.