About Ecom-Energy


To be a trusted resource by providing expert energy advice through an exceptional customer experience.


To be a leading consulting firm – driven and set apart by the successes of its customers, employees, and vendors.


Ecom-Energy is proud to be certified as a minority owned business by the National Minority Supplier Development Council of Southern California.

Our story starts in Pennsylvania, where the non-profit ECRI Institute (think of “Consumer Reports” for healthcare technology) realized the need for unbiased, independent advice on energy management in the healthcare industry. Together, with internationally-recognized energy experts, they founded Ecom-Energy.

Ecom-Energy was able to provide customers with the same unbiased, objective advice on energy management with similar annual membership fees and ad hoc services.

Fast forward to today and while our services have evolved and expanded, our beginnings as an independent resource remain. Our four core services help customers minimize future energy costs, manage energy budget risks, and plan more effectively for the future. As an energy ally, we sit on the customer’s side. Our customers benefit by getting expert advice unblemished by a hidden agenda.

Today, it is common for vendors and consultants to partner with certain suppliers or technologies, and this is OK. But Ecom-Energy is different. We are not connected with an energy supplier or marketer, nor do we sell equipment of any kind. That means the nature of our advice is truly unbiased and our perspective is entirely independent.

Ecom-Energy’s team members have decades of experience providing unbiased advice on competitive energy procurementutility benchmarkingconsumptionsupplyRFPs & bid managementauditstechnologyrenewable energy & onsite generation, and strategy & planning – so your organization can make wiser, more cost-effective energy decisions.

Simply put, our only mission is to be a trusted resource by providing expert energy advice through exceptional customer experience.


Ecom-Energy’s Industry Expertise

REP - Renewable Energy Professional

The Renewable Energy Professional (REP) certification is designed to recognize the expertise and experience of professionals involved in the specification and application of renewable and alternative energy technologies, assessment of renewable energy projects, and development of achievable low-carbon and sustainability goals for organizations.

BEP - Certified Business Energy Professional

AEE’s Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP) program awards special recognition to those business/marketing and energy professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for business/marketing and energy management related disciplines, as well as laws governing and affecting energy professionals.

CEP - Certified Energy Procurement Professional

AEE’s Certified Energy Procurement Professional (CEP) program is designed to award special recognition to professionals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge, experience, competence and ethical fitness covering the full spectrum of activities related to the purchase, sale and marketing of electricity and natural gas. By obtaining the CEP credential, you will be establishing your status as a qualified expert in this growing area of specialized expertise within the restructured energy marketplace.

CSDP - Certified Sustainable Development Professional

AEE’s Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP) program recognizes individuals with expertise in Developing & Implementing Sustainability Programs, Environmental Issues, Alternative Energy & Carbon Reduction, Sustainable Policy Programs, Energy Efficiency Technologies in Sustainable Buildings, Impact of Sustainable Development Policies, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Transportation, Water Conservation and Financial Assessments.

CMVP - Certified Measurement & Verification Professional

AEE, in cooperation with the Efficiency Valuation Organization (EVO), has established the Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) program with the dual purpose of recognizing the most qualified professionals in this growing area of the energy industry, and raising the overall professional standards within the measurement and verification field.