About Ecom-Energy

Ecom-Energy was founded by internationally-recognized energy experts to provide an unbiased, independent resource for energy management advice and solutions in the healthcare industry. Our solutions provide a range of services to help customers minimize future energy costs; manage energy budget risks; save time through access to independent, high-quality information; and plan more effectively for the future. Our expertise lies in decades of energy service experience and monitoring of current trends and technologies.

Founded by the ECRI Institute – the “Consumer Reports” of independent healthcare technology assessment – our customers benefit by getting high-quality information unblemished by a hidden agenda. Ecom-Energy’s team members have, on average, over 30 years of experience providing unbiased advice on competitive energy procurement, consumption, supply, bids and audits, technologyon-site generation, and strategy and planning – so your organization can make wiser, more cost-effective energy decisions.

There are a number of consultants in the marketplace today and many more “experts” affiliated with energy suppliers or vendors. Ecom-Energy is different. We are not connected with an energy supplier or marketer, nor do we sell equipment of any kind. That means the nature of our advice is truly unbiased and our perspective is entirely independent.

Simply put, our only mission is to be a trusted resource by providing expert energy advice through exceptional customer service.


To be a trusted resource by providing expert energy advice through an exceptional customer experience.


To be a leading consulting firm – driven and set apart by the successes of its customers, employees, and vendors.