Renewable Energy & Onsite Generation

Renewable Energy Services

The Challenge

As costs of electricity and lack of grid reliability continue to increase, organizations need to consider cost-reduction options, including installation of on-site renewable energy technologies. Most facility managers are not experts in renewable energy and may not be able to provide optimum design or operation.

Most renewable energy equipment manufacturers and “developers” offer a wide range of services including engineering; procurement and construction contracts; operation and maintenance services; and build-own-operate or build-own-operate-transfer services. It is difficult to assess the advantages and limitations of these offerings.

Things to consider:

  • Is a certain renewable energy better for my facility than another?
  • What are the up and coming technologies?
  • How do I know the correct sizing for the system?
    • An oversized system means more revenue for the vendor.
  • What is the standard cost per kilowatt hour of the available renewable energy options?
  • What contract terms and conditions would adversely affect me if not revised?
  • Is Net Metering good for me?

What We Do

Ecom-Energy has resident experts that can analyze the technical and cost characteristics of renewable energies. Ecom-Energy also has extensive experience with the rules and regulations of utilities and environmental agencies. In addition, Ecom-Energy has developed tools to conduct parametric analyses and sensitivity studies to develop the optimum sizing and operational characteristics and define the sensitivities of the economic and financial results to variations in the key assumptions.

The Solution

Ecom-Energy’s Renewable Energy services include:

  • Preliminary Feasibility Assessments
  • Detailed Feasibility Studies
  • Development of Bid Specifications and Selection of System Suppliers
  • Assistance in Identifying and Obtaining Rebates, Incentives, and Financing
  • Contract Negotiation with Emphasis on Industry-Standard Terms
  • Owner’s Representative Services During Design, Construction, and Installation