CA Near-Term Power Update

While near-term heating and cooling load in the state will be neutral, the loss of nuclear generation and declining sunlight is increasing the need for fossil-fueled units to balance the system.

New $14M EV Charging Station Incentive Project Launches in San Jose

Starting December 16, 2020, businesses, commercial properties, multifamily residences, and local government facilities in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties can apply for rebates for the purchase and installation of new electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure through the Peninsula-Silicon Valley Incentive Project.

RTC Forward Power Prices vs. All-Time Contract Lows

Forward power prices for 2021-2025 were mixed over the past week with some markets up +0.05% and others moving down by about the same magnitude. The primary outlier was California, which saw a -3% drop in 2021 and 2022 prices.