Time-of-Use Adjustments

The increasing prevalence of solar energy in California is leading to very cheap electricity when the sun is shining brightest. Consequently, peak periods are shifting to later times in the day as the sun goes down and solar production decreases.

AB-802: California Benchmarking Mandate Deadline Is June 1

Assembly Bill 802 directed the California Energy Commission (CEC) to create a statewide energy benchmarking and public disclosure program for buildings larger than 50,000 square feet. The CEC’s regulations require healthcare facilities to report building characteristics and energy data to the CEC by June 1, 2018. Reporting is done annually using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager.

Administration Endorses Energy Benchmarking

As an industry leader in utility benchmarking efforts and certified ENERGY STAR Partner, Ecom-Energy’s EnerVisor Software is designed to accomplish the very goals set forth by the Administration in Executive Order 13834.

An Update on Assembly Bill 3232

On May 25, the bill passed out of appropriations, but thanks to your engagement, the bill will be amended to include ratepayer safeguards, cost effectiveness evaluations, and legislative oversight.

Alternative Energy Report

To combat the changing energy landscape healthcare facilities need to develop a plan that typically entails a healthy and proper mix of fossil fuels, alternative energy, high performance buildings, and renewable energy.

Energy Deregulation

Before deregulation in the 1980s, the only option consumers had for their supply was their local utility; there was no choice. The government-regulated pricing and single-distribution source fostered a monopolistic marketplace. Once deregulation was approved, customers started benefiting from an open, free marketplace offering a choice in supplier and, ultimately, more competitive rates.