Technical Consulting

Technical Consulting Services

The Challenege

How healthy is your facility? When was the last time it had a physical exam? We all understand the importance of having periodic check-ups for ourselves. The same applies for the operational efficiency of your facilities.

Things to consider:

  • Do you have in-house expertise to consistently evaluate the best technical solutions for your facility and central plant?
  • Can you accurately compare multiple bids from vendors?
  • Do you perform RFPs for large equipment purchases to receive the most competitive prices?

What We Do

Ecom-Energy’s technical consulting services quantify supply-side and demand-side energy cost savings opportunities. Taking clients’ specific operational requirements into account, Ecom-Energy develops and manages the implementation of energy cost reduction strategies that achieve financial expectations. We offer full services to independently evaluate facility operations, budgets, project economics, and equipment, as well as performing and managing RFPs for energy efficiency implementation.

The Solution

Ecom-Energy’s Technical Consulting services include:

  • Custom Reports for Internal Use
  • Utility Budget Preparation and Review
  • Distributed Generation Analyses
  • Quotations Analyses on Bids and Technologies
  • Facility Audits and Analyses
  • Energy Conservation and Load Management Strategies
  • Risk Management Strategies