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Utility Management System

EnerVisor Software - Utility Management System

Ecom-Energy’s EnerVisor Software is designed to make energy information actionable, and your job easier.

There are hundreds of reporting possibilities in EnerVisor Software, including charts, graphs, and custom spreadsheets. By tracking data at the line item level, EnerVisor Software provides the insight you need to take control of your gas, power, and water profiles.

Best of all, EnerVisor Software is a turnkey solution. After initial data collection, EnerVisor Software requires no additional effort from facility members. Data input and management is handled in-house by Ecom-Energy’s expert staff.

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Energy Benchmarking & Public Disclosure Programs

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Energy Benchmarking & Public Disclosure Programs

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Regulatory Compliance

As the prevalence of energy benchmarking and public disclosure programs increase throughout the United States, EnerVisor Software eases the burden of regulatory compliance. In California, for example, healthcare facilities face statewide AB-802 requirements, while also dealing with local ordinances from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Berkeley. The trend is seen elsewhere in regions like St. Louis, Orlando, Pittsburgh, Colorado, Portland, and beyond.

Ecom-Energy’s EnerVisor Software helps your healthcare system stay compliant with applicable benchmarking ordinances to avoid fines and dodge public scrutiny


Energy Star Partner

EnerVisor Software syncs seamlessly with ENERGY STAR®’s Portfolio Manager. By scoring your facilities, you’ll join more than half of the largest United States healthcare organizations determined to understand and reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint. As a certified ENERGY STAR® partner, Ecom-Energy validates parameters to ensure the most accurate ENERGY STAR® score available.

Utility Account & Meter Tracking

Utility Account & Meter Tracking

Utility profiles are created for natural gas, power, and water. Profiling details monthly and annual usage for each utility and associates meters with their respective loads. You’ll gain a clear picture of each account and meter’s cost and consumption history.

Energy Metrics

Common energy metrics are provided such as energy use intensity, kBtu/square foot, and total unit cost. Other energy indicators can be customized for the internal reporting metrics that your facility values most.

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Energy Metrics
Energy Metrics

Utility Bill Auditing

How do you know if your utility bill data is correct? EnerVisor Software automatically audits bills to verify accuracy and identify problems.

Audits will flag bills according to conditions you specify. Quickly find and fix issues relating to unusual billing periods, abnormal use, cost, and demand fluctuation, meter reading errors, rate schedule issues, and actual vs. budget differences.

Energy Tracking & Monitoring

With quarterly updates, bills, usage, and loads are tracked and monitored for inconsistencies. Usage, demand, and cost anomalies are flagged to help identify possible billing errors. Customizable alerts reveal facility-defined variances in key metrics.

Energy Tracking & Monitoring
Extensive Reporting

Extensive Reporting

EnerVisor Software displays utility information in multiple ways and formats, with more than 250 useful reports, charts, and graphs. Report categories include: analytics, budgeting, billing, cost avoidance, greenhouse gas, weather, production, calendarization, normalization, and more. Click the button below for a sample list of reports.

Recognition via ASHE’s Energy to Care

Energy to Care

Energy to Care is a healthcare-specific benchmarking and awards program that gives hospitals the opportunity to compare energy reduction efforts to those of similar, nearby facilities. Ecom-Energy provides its EnerVisor Software users with an Energy to Care membership so that they may be recognized for their efforts toward energy excellence.