Technical Services

The Challenge

Ecom-Energy's Technical Services

Keeping abreast of changes in the energy industry and understanding how these changes will impact facility operations is a daunting task for healthcare organizations. Accurate, objective, timely information is needed to make informed decisions that will help control energy-related costs.

A Few Things to Consider:

  • Do you have in-house expertise to consistently evaluate the best technical solutions for your facility and central plant?
  • Can you accurately compare multiple bids from vendors?
  • How do you bring multiple facilities together to standardize the system’s approach to energy?
  • Do you perform RFPs for large equipment purchases to receive competitive pricing?
  • How will seismic regulations impact your system?
  • As states and cities push for energy efficiency, how are mandates affecting your system?
  • Do you have the manpower and resources to handle all of this?

The Solution

Ecom-Energy’s technical consulting services quantify supply-side and demand-side energy cost-saving opportunities. Taking customers’ specific operational requirements into account, Ecom-Energy develops and manages the implementation of energy cost-reduction strategies to achieve financial and usage reduction goals.

We offer a full suite of services to independently evaluate facility operations, budgets, project economics, and equipment, as well as perform and manage RFPs for energy efficiency implementation.

Ecom-Energy’s Technical Services include:

  • Quotation Analysis & RFPs
    • We analyze bids you receive and take projects out to bid on your behalf.
  • Utility Budget Preparation & Review
    • Need a detailed utility budget prepared for next fiscal year? Are utility rates increasing to affect your costs? If so, how much?
    • Planning your fiscal year increases for the next five year? Need to know escalation factors?
  • Facility Audits & Analyses
    • Ecom-Energy can perform facility audits with in-house engineers or evaluate third-party audits to ensure all recommended projects make sense for you.
  • Load Management
  • Changing Regulations & Local Mandates
  • Market Intelligence & Updates

Business Energy Professionals

Ecom-Energy’s expert staff includes a Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP™) as certified by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

BEP - Certified Business Energy Professional

AEE’s Certified Business Energy Professional (BEP) program awards special recognition to those business/marketing and energy professionals who have demonstrated a high level of competence and ethical fitness for business/marketing and energy management related disciplines, as well as laws governing and affecting energy professionals.

Certified Sustainable Development Professionals

Ecom-Energy’s expert staff includes a Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP™) as certified by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

CSDP - Certified Sustainable Development Professional

AEE’s Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP®) program recognizes individuals with expertise in Developing & Implementing Sustainability Programs, Environmental Issues, Alternative Energy & Carbon Reduction, Sustainable Policy Programs, Energy Efficiency Technologies in Sustainable Buildings, Impact of Sustainable Development Policies, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Transportation, Water Conservation and Financial Assessments.