Strategic Advisory

Strategic Advisory Services

The Challenge

Keeping abreast of the changes in the energy industry and understanding how these changes will impact facility operations is a daunting task for healthcare organizations. Accurate, objective, timely information is needed to make informed decisions that will help control energy-related costs.

Things to consider:

  • How will seismic regulations impact your system?
  • How do you apply on-site generation solutions to a campus that is undergoing master planning?
  • As states and cities push for energy efficiency, how are mandates affecting your system?
  • How do you bring multiple facilities together to standardize the system’s approach to energy?
  • Do you have the manpower and resources to handle all of this.

What We Do

Ecom-Energy helps many customers, from small individual hospitals to large national systems, so we understand the challenges facing healthcare today. We serve as an outside resource to help drive and manage the goals of the system. Ecom-Energy provides access to information, decision tools, programs, and experts that empower hospitals and healthcare systems to make informed decisions on energy-related products and services. Many of these services can be summed up in a Corporate Energy Strategy (CES), which helps organizations create a systematic approach to energy across their network. We provide the man hours to manage and execute the strategy.

Ecom-Energy's Corporate Energy Strategy

The Solution

Ecom-Energy’s Strategic Advisory services include:

  • Strategic Energy Planning
  • Energy Market Intelligence and Analysis
  • Summarized Market Updates
  • Corporate Energy Strategy Development and Implementation
  • Regulatory Intelligence Updates and Analysis
  • Energy Conservation Strategies and Technologies