Renewable Energy & Onsite Generation

The Challenge

Ecom-Energy's Renewable Energy & Onsite Generation Services

As costs of electricity, aging infrastructure, and lack of grid reliability continue to increase, organizations need to consider long-term solutions to meet sustainability and reliability goals. This is primarily done through the installation of renewable energy and onsite generation technologies. Most executives and facility managers are not experts in renewable technologies and may not be able to provide optimum design, operational, and economic insight.

With a myriad of traditional and developing technologies, which is best for your facility? Most renewable energy equipment manufacturers and “developers” offer a wide range of services including engineering; procurement and construction contracts; operation and maintenance services; and build-own-operate or build-own-operate-transfer services. It is difficult to assess the advantages and limitations of these offerings.

A Few Things to Consider:

  • Is a certain technology better suited for my facility than another?
  • What are the up and coming technologies?
  • How do I know the correct sizing for the system?
    • An oversized system may mean more revenue for the vendor.
  • What is the standard cost per kilowatt hour of the available options?
  • What contract terms and conditions would adversely affect me if not revised?
  • How do you apply onsite generation solutions to a campus that is undergoing master planning?
  • Is Net Metering good for me?

The Solution

Ecom-Energy has resident experts that analyze the technical and cost characteristics of renewable energy and onsite generation technologies. As an independent energy consulting firm, we have no ties to any specific technology or vendor – only to the customer. We will verify if a project makes sense and, just as importantly, if it doesn’t.

We have extensive experience navigating utility rules, regulations, and environmental agencies. In addition, Ecom-Energy conducts parametric analyses and sensitivity studies to ensure optimal sizing and operation of a system. Our team will assess the sensitivity of economic and financial results to variations in key assumptions.

Ecom-Energy’s Renewable Energy & Onsite Generation services include:

  • Understanding Market Trends & Vendors
    • As an energy ally to the nation’s premier healthcare organizations for over 20 years, Ecom-Energy is keenly aware of market trends, new technologies, reputable vendors, common pitfalls, and financial tools.
  • Preliminary Assessments
    • These assessments provide a high-level financial look at a particular technology at your facility.
  • Detailed Feasibility Studies
    • Developed as an investment-grade report, Ecom-Energy’s detailed feasibility studies can serve as the bid specification document to be used during RFPs and show the true impact of a given technology.
  • RFP Development & Management
    • Ecom-Energy will work with your healthcare system to select suppliers and develop, issue, and manage the RFP for renewable energy and/or onsite generation technology.
  • Independent Bid Evaluations
    • As an unbiased energy consultant, Ecom-Energy ensures an apples-to-apples look at all bids and verifies that inputs and assumptions match actual facility inputs and industry-standard definitions.
  • Assistance with Rebates, Incentives, & Financing
    • Is a capital purchase or power purchase agreement (PPA) the proper financing mechanism for your organization? Is there an alternate means by which to acquire the system? Ecom-Energy will help your team understand the economic impact of various financial approaches to the project.
  • Contract Negotiation with Industry-Standard Terms
    • Your legal team serves a critical function in your organization, but do they know industry-standard energy terms and conditions? Do they understand or have the time to research technical terminology? Ecom-Energy works on your behalf to negotiate and ensure favorable terms and conditions for your facility. Do not overlook the impact of a properly negotiated contract!
  • Owner’s Representative Services
    • After a contract has been awarded, Ecom-Energy’s owner’s reps sit on your side of the table to oversee project and contract obligations during design, construction, installation, and commissioning. For example, is the vendor installing the same model solar panel it agreed to under contract? Our team ensures that the project progresses as planned.

Rising Costs: Clever California Utilities

As renewable energy and energy efficiency projects grow across the state, California’s largest utilities have been forced to offset revenue reduction in creative ways.

Their solution?

Adjust rate schedules to derive the bulk of their revenue from demand (kW) charges instead of generation (kWh) fees. The neighboring graph highlights this trend in dramatic fashion.

Renewable energy and onsite generation technologies can help mitigate these constantly rising costs to ensure your facility has a long term solution for energy management.

Average Demand Charge Increase

Last 3 Years
Last 10 Years
Increasing California Demand Charges: 2004 - 2017

Case Study:
Solar Carport

As part of Prime Healthcare’s Sustainable Resource Initiative, Desert Valley Hospital installed a 742 kW solar PV array. The simple payback is 3.16 years.

By hosting this solar system, Ecom-Energy and Prime Healthcare have provided the community with reliable healthcare and long-lasting environmental benefits.

Ecom-Energy's Solar PV Carport Installation at Desert Valley Hospital
Ecom-Energy's Bloom Fuel Cell Portfolio at Prime Healthcare

Case Study:
Fuel Cell Portfolio

As part of Prime Healthcare’s Sustainable Resource Initiative, Sherman Oaks Hospital, San Dimas Community Hospital, Paradise Valley Hospital, and Montclair Hospital Medical Center installed a combined 1.45 MW of all-electric, solid oxide fuel cells.

The portfolio was financed via a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

Renewable Energy Professionals

Ecom-Energy’s expert staff includes multiple Renewable Energy Professionals (REP™) as certified by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

REP - Renewable Energy Professional

The Renewable Energy Professional (REP™) certification is designed to recognize the expertise and experience of professionals involved in the specification and application of renewable and alternative energy technologies, assessment of renewable energy projects, and development of achievable low-carbon and sustainability goals for organizations.