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Healthcare’s Energy Ally Since 1999

Ecom-Energy is a completely independent consulting firm, specializing in energy advisory services and procurement solutions for healthcare customers. As an energy ally to the nation’s most influential healthcare organizations, we offer unbiased analysis, information, management tools, and advice to energy buyers and managers – serving as a one-stop solution source for all types of energy challenges.

Founded by the ECRI Institute – the “Consumer Reports” of independent healthcare technology assessment – our customers benefit by getting high-quality information unblemished by a hidden agenda. Ecom-Energy’s team members have, on average, over 30 years of experience providing unbiased advice on competitive energy procurementconsumptionsupplybids and auditstechnologyon-site generation, and strategy and planning – so your organization can make wiser, more cost-effective energy decisions.

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

  • Create an Energy Baseline for Your Facility
  • Validate Project Savings
  • Analyze Energy Trends
  • Identify Bill Anomalies & Savings Opportunities
  • Benchmark Via ENERGY STAR & Energy to Care
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These guys truly have the customer in their best interest; with their expertise we are achieving millions in annual revenue savings.

David Baker | Corporate Energy Director & Facilities Management