Ecom-Energy, Inc. (Ecom-Energy) is an independent provider of advisory services and procurement solutions to assist healthcare, commercial and industrial customers in making cost-effective energy decisions. We offer unbiased information, management tools and advice to energy buyers and managers – serving as a one-stop solution source for all types of energy challenges.

Ecom-Energy’s Senior Management average over 30 years of experience in the energy industry, with substantial healthcare, manufacturing and industrial involvement. This experience allows us to assist our clients in addressing industry-specific energy challenges, while insuring that they receive the best contract terms available in the market.

We Help…

  • Prepare for Today’s Challenges
  • Minimize Energy Budget Risks
  • Manage Future Energy Costs
  • Plan More Effectively for the Future
  • Access to Independent, High-Quality Information
  • Provide Unbiased Analyses of Energy Opportunities

Products & Services